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4 - 18 months
Infant Class (50 - 60mins)
18 months - 3 years old
Toddler Class(50 - 60mins)
4 - 6 years old
Pre-school Class (60mins)
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About Us

Originated from Singapore, Canridge has been voted as Malaysia's Top 10 enrichment center in early childhood education, focusing on right brain stimulation and development of children aged 0 months to 6 years old.

Canridge is the right brain
development center in Johor Bahru & Kuala Lumpur, for young
children aged 0 (from 6 months
onwards) to 6 years old.

Canridge offers programmes geared to enhance and nurture children's imaginative exploration and critical thinking to unlock the genius potention of children. Our course facilitators are professionally trained in Canridge's teaching methodology and in teaching young children, to provide them a positive and fun-filled learning experience.
Scientific researches have shown that children who are well developed in right brain not only excel in academics, but also in various aspect of life such as sports, music, arts and much more. You can always count on Canridge to provide the best early childhood learning experience to your children that provide lifelong benefits to your children! Our Right Brain Development Programms include: Flash Cards, Playgym, Art & Music Laboratory and etc. 

Jane Soh

Our Founder
Chartered Accountant of Singapore
B.Com from University of Melbourne
Being a mother of 3, Jane is a strong believer of right brain training for her 2 preschoolers and an infant. She has witnessed both her 2 older children whom she exposed to professional right brain training since infant time to have excellent academic performance and have strong logical thinking.  On top of that, one of them performs exceptionally well in sports and the other one shows talent and interest in music
Jane took a career switch when her second child was born and she then become fully committed to bringing quality, professional and holistic right brain training that is of international standard to the local community.
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Jayee Lau

Our Course Director
Prof. Dip. in Early Childhood Education (Montessori)
Together with Canridge’s team of professional early childhood and music educators for young children and using world-renowned right brain training methodology, Jayee fine tuned Canridge’s programmes, incorporating her 15 years of experience in kindergartens and art schools into our specially designed programs, geared to enhance children’s learning through play experience and bring out the best in each child!
Jayee is regarded among the parents as a highly experienced, knowledgeable and caring teacher who puts children's development as her top priority. Many parents seek for her valuable advices on dealing with their young children. Jayee's goal is to share her valuable knowledges with as many parents as possible and create awareness in local community on the importance of professional right brain training from young as she believes that "to bring up an outstanding child, we must first educate the parents to do the right thing."
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Goh Geok Choon

Director of Canridge @ Mount Austin, Johor
ASRBM Grade 8
Australia Kinderbeat trainer
Geok Choon has 10 years of diverse experience through her engagements as a kindergarten and music teacher. With substantial music and child teaching background, she knows that "Learning through Play" plays an important role in children's development. 
Not only does Geok Choon enjoy conducting early childhood lessons, her daughter has also benefited with stronger memorising skill and greater interest in learning by participating in Canridge professional right brain training.  

With 21st century needs for cognitive development and accelerated learning, she strongly believes children will be well prepared to embrace the future by training them from young with this innovative early childhood learning programme. 
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Joanne Yeoh

Director of Canridge @ Penang
Diploma in education, USM
Bachelor of Risk Management and Insurance, UUM
10 year experiences in education
Joanne graduated with a Bachelor of Risk Management and Insurance in University Utara Malaysia. After graduated and worked for a few years. She decided to pursue for education line by taking up Diploma in Education. With more than 10years experience in education line she notice that early childhood education is important, it can help to build the kids confidence, learning skill, concentration and many other developments.
She chose teaching because she loves it. Being able to work with little children and watch them grow is the most amazing thing in the world. When she watches their little minds at work and their imaginations go crazy, it makes you realize that there is so much in life that isn’t worth stressing over. They are so innocent, and they just want to learn how to do anything and everything, and having the opportunity to help them realize their potential is the most rewarding part of being a teacher. With a simple vision in mind, Joanne decided to take a career switch into early childhood education and get in touch with CanRidge. “With the CanRidge teaching methodology “Learn through FUN”, she knows that she can help children maximize their potential in a less stressful way.
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Eden's Parents 
I could see that he is eager to OVERCOME CHALLENGES and obstacles circuits during baby gym time.
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Who Are We?

Canridge is a right brain development centre for kids from 0+mth to 6-yr-old.
Baby Gym | Toddler Class | Early Childhood Education
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